Our Program

Sacramento READS! Third Grade Literacy Campaign is a ten year initiative with a vision of making Sacramento the first city in the country to have every third grader reading on grade level by the end of third grade.

Mayor Kevin Johnson launched Sacramento READS! Third Grade Literacy Campaign on August 24, 2011 in order to address the literacy crisis in Sacramento. With only 37% of third graders reading on grade level by the end of third grade, Sacramento has to take action. Sacramento READS!, in conjunction with a broad based community stakeholder group and all 5 school districts in the city, is working to close the gap on the literacy crisis, raise the bar for reading proficiency and ensure equitable opportunity to meet higher standards.

Sacramento READS! is addressing this crisis by focusing on three key levers that were identified by the Annie E. Casey Foundation . Sacramento READS! will close the gap through:

School Readiness- too many children showing for school not ready for what school has to offer. School Attendance- too many children are missing too much school and too much instructional time. Summer Learning Loss- too many children are losing too much academic ground during the summer. Sacramento READS! currently operates in 14 pilot schools throughout all five districts in the city.

In order to solve this problem , we need to mobilize the entire community. Everyone needs to get involved. This initiative is designed for community involvement ,and will not succeed without the help of the entire community. Through this work, Sacramento has applied for the All American City Award. Get involved today!