The Campaign is a collaborative effort by dozens of funders across the nation to: close the gap in reading achievement that separates many low-income students from their peers; raise the bar for reading proficiency so that all students are assessed by world-class standards; and ensure that all children, including and especially children from low-income families, have an equitable opportunity to meet those higher standards.


The First 5 Sacramento Commission is committed to supporting the healthy development of children zero to age five, the empowerment of families and the strengthening of communities.

children action

Child Action, Inc. is a private, nonprofit corporation created in 1976 to provide for the education and social welfare of children and families by organizing, sponsoring and administering services to children. We seek to augment and enhance the delivery of services for children rather than duplicate existing resources.

pbs kids

KVIE’s mission extends far beyond the airwaves. KVIE is committed to serving the central valley through broadcast of quality public television and through extensive education and outreach services. In partnership with other community organizations, our community outreach engages individuals and groups to address specific issues of importance to our community, including a region wide initiative that builds literacy skills among children, extensive online educational content for parents and educators, and diverse community engagement events and activities.

head start

The SETA Head Start program’s mission is to improve the lives of low-income children by providing quality comprehensive child development services that are family focused, including education, health, nutrition and mental health.